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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun at the Fair!

Today we went to the Carlton County Fair in Barnum, MN! The weather actually cooperated this year! It was only 71 degrees today-- perfect for a fair! As much fun as it was, when we got home, we were all SLUGS! All that walking around really gets to a person! Anyways, enjoy these photos!
They had rabbits on a table that you could go and pet--I immediately flocked to that table, of course! :)
A look inside an old Schoolhouse on display at the fair.
An old school bus next to the Schoolhouse.
A cute little church also on display at the fair.
A few of the cows in the Cow Barn!
Some of the GORGEOUS chickens in the poultry barn! <3
I thought this Barred Rock was absolutely beautiful!! I wish I had one! <3 <3

Have a nice evening!