Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Update

So about a week and a half ago, we lost another chicken, Muffin, to a predator.
Right after the incident, my family and I looked at the trail camera we have in our yard. On it, we found photos of a (beautiful!) black cat wandering around our yard. I'm 99% positive that is what got Muffin. 
At the "Scene of the Crime", we found a huge pile of white feathers. We thought it was very strange, since Muffin had yellow-orange feathers. It turns out, Marshmallow, one of our other chickens, was seemingly snatched by the cat, and was able to escape. The cat then went after Muffin, likely an easy target because she was in shock of what she just happened with Marshmallow. 
Last night, we looked at the newest batch of photos on the camera, and guess who we saw on it?
I'll get the photos on my computer, and I'll post them later. 
Have a nice afternoon!
By the way, Marshmallow is recovering well from her little tussle with the cat. She's been taking it easy for the past week, and I'm confident she'll bounce back soon and become the loud, persistent chicken she is! <3 


  1. Looking forward to seeing some pictures

  2. Good! I'm entering them tonight! :)